The Month of May for Matters of the Heart

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have introduced the “Healthy Heart Program” an exclusive bulk-billed telehealth and 20 minutes in-practice visit for patients 45 or above age. Assessed in hygienic and safe conditions, each patient assessment includes advice, follow-up, and referrals if required. Precautions are in place for each individual patient., and all of our assessments are conducted in a highly sanitized and safe environment. If you’re concerned or have existing heart problems, then the month of May is for matters of the heart. You can book a Healthy Heart Program visit now by calling 3207 7744.

With the on-going pandemic, the COVID-19 virus puts people with existing heart complications at a much higher risk of health issues or requiring intensive health care and precautions. According to a statement on coronavirus by the Medical Journal of Australia, the mortality rate due to the virus is highest for people suffering from some kind of existing heart issues. The reason why your heart becomes a focal concern can be explained by the fact that your heart has to work harder to pump blood when the lungs are inflamed and the respiratory tract contracts, making it difficult for an affected person to breathe. The events in Italy and China tells us that COVID-19 is age-specific and mostly affects people who are in their late 40s and above and with some pre-existing heart or respiratory issues.

Researchers have recognised the link between the virus and our cardiovascular health, making it important to seek help and consult your local medical provider. Early assessment and consultations with your GP are vital in helping you be better prepared and well informed about your health and well being.