Skin Cancer Checks

When was your last skin clinic visit? 

Regular skin cancer checks are essential for everyone to assist in the early detection of skin cancer, and in Queensland where we have one of the  highest skin cancer rates in the world it is crucially important to remain vigilant in the battle against skin cancer. If you have not had your skin checked in at least a year, then we encourage you to make an appointment with your GP. 

Similarly, if you have noticed changes to moles on your body, such as their shape, size, colour or texture, or new ones have appeared on your body you should book an appointment with your doctor.

Our doctors use the latest in dermatology technology, which allows them to see, store and compare images of any moles or lesion at high resolution and magnification over time which means that when you attend our Skin Cancer Clinic at Victoria Point you are receiving high quality skin cancer checks to support your ongoing health.

We constantly monitor and assess the evolution and appropriateness of technologies that assist in skin cancer checks and in 2021 we will be bringing Total Body Photography to Sunstate Family Practice! This latest dermatology technology uses AI (artificial intelligence) to improve diagnostic accuracy.  Ask our reception staff for more information.

So, if you live in Victoria Point or one of the surrounding communities, such as Thornlands, Wellington Point, Redland Bay, Alexandra Hills, Cleveland, Sheldon and Capalaba book a skin cancer check at our Skin Cancer Clinic, where you  will always receive the best in skin care.

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