Patient Action Plan COVID-19

Dear patient,

As you know the outbreak of Covid-19 has had a significant impact on all our lives and our livelihoods.

It is vitally important that we all work together to control the outbreak of this virus and protect as many people as possible.

It is just as important to make sure illness and conditions not related to Covid-19 are attended to, and not forgotten in this time of stress.

We at Sunstate Family Practice continue to update, and rethink, the ways that we can make sure that our patients are looked after as well as possible.

Our current program for patient management, is as follows. Please recheck our website or Facebook page as often as you can to note any changes, as this disease is changing the way we work on a daily basis.

Let’s keep this as simple as possible for the time being:

  1. Patients who are experiencing a MEDICAL EMERGENCY (chest pain, difficulty breathing etc) please call an ambulance for transportation to hospital.
  2. Patients who are acutely unwell with NON URGENT CONDITIONS (these are the conditions you would normally phone and make an appointment to see your Doctor as soon as you can; a fever, a respiratory illness, tummy pain, asthma flare, etc). You will be directed to a TRIAGE phone consult with a doctor to determine if you can be treated over the phone, need to present for a physical examination, or be directed to a fever clinic.
  3. Patients with ROUTINE matters (scripts, follow up of results and referrals) will be directed to a telephone consultation to see if this can managed at home.
  4. Patients who require a face to face consultation (these are the consultations that require physical interaction with the staff; a cervical screen, breast examination, skin check, wound check, rash ,etc) we WILL STILL NEED TO SEE YOU IN THE CLINIC. Please inform us of this when you make the appointment, so we can arrange the correct time for you.

IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT that those patients who are unwell, with any infective illness, talk to one of our doctors on the phone first, so we can assess your condition and direct you to the correct Doctor for physical assessment and treatment. This is for our protection, the protection of other patients as well as your protection.

DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT, leave acute illness unattended. If you have an unwell child, nothing has changed in the way SFP treats unwell people, we would still like to attend to you as soon possible – it just may require some phone interaction first.

Thank you,

The Sunstate Family Practice Management Team