Healthy Bones Action Week 2020: Healthy bones for a better life

Your bones have essential roles to play. From ensuring support to organs, supporting body weight, shaping your face, bones have major importance in maintaining the overall health of a person.

Every year during the month of August, Healthy Bones Action Week is held to put the focus on the importance of maintaining and building stronger bone health, an initiative of Dairy Australia.

With strong and healthy bones, your risk of osteoporosis (brittle bone disease) reduces and so does the incidence of bone fractures that become more likely as we grow old.

Why is bone health important?

Healthy Bone Action Week, 2020 for healthier bone through diet, exercise and medical help.

The bones in our body help us with our movement. Imagine bones as the supports that anchor your body weight and protect all of your organs. For example, the ribs provide support to your lungs and heart, while the skull shelters the brain. 

They also store vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D and Phosphorus that are released into your body when needed. 

Maintaining healthy bones from a young age is therefore vital and it is equally important to take steps to maintain healthy bones when you grow old.

Ageing changes our bones

Your body has a natural tendency of replacement of bone tissues. In healthy adults, a balanced bone replacement takes place, however as we grow old, this natural replacement can shift out of balance creating issues with bone’s strength and ability.

A lot of research also tells us that bone health can be heavily affected by inactivity.

Nearly half of all Australians over the age of 75, have some kind of disability that is directly related to weaker bone health and can be attributed to reduced physical activities.

On the off chance that we don’t eat right and don’t get enough physical activity, our bones can become frail at any age. Broken bones (called fractures) can be agonising and some of the time need a medical procedure to mitigate, and weak bones can lead to many more health issues.

But the good thing is, there are simple actions that you can take for healthier and stronger bones.

Simple steps for stronger bones

1) Get a calcium and Vitamin D rich diet 

Good nutrition is essential to maintain the natural process of regeneration of your bones. 

Including green leafy vegetables, dairy products such as yoghurts, milk and cheese in your diet are important to reaching the dietary need of calcium according to Australian standards.

Vitamin D, on the other hand, absorbs calcium and extends supports to muscles required for stronger bones. You can include food like fatty fish, milk to your diet to get enough Vitamin D in your body including sunlight. This guide can be a great way to see how much Vitamin D is required for your body. Despite the fact we here in the “sunshine state” are blessed with plenty of sun, it is a great time to visit your GP regarding bone health. 

2) Get more active 

Commit yourself to more physical activities like running, jogging or playing games. It slows down bone loss. 

A person suffering from osteoporosis can improve their bone health with routine exercises that help in improving muscle strength, reduction in bone loss and enhanced mobility. 

3) Seek Doctor’s help

Your doctor is the best point of contact if you are concerned about your bone health. A doctor can recommend a bone density check to find more information about your bone health, assess all the risk factors and recommend further medical procedures if required.

To consult our doctors, you can book an online appointment or call us at (07) 3207 7744 to speak to our staff for more information.