Coronavirus Outbreak

The outbreak of this disease, has demonstrated how quickly medical advice and recommendations, changes on a day to day basis, in times of global medical emergencies.

We as General practices are on the front line of health delivery. We are among the first people to receive updates from our government bodies regarding situations such as this. It is clear to me that we will, in the future, need to find a way to pass information on to our patients as soon as possible on mass, not just when people present to the surgery.

We here at Sunstate Family Practice have made a decision not to see people suffering from suspected corona virus for three reasons:

  1. There is no known treatment, and the NSW government is suggesting everyone who suspects that they may have it, to self isolate for a period of two weeks to limit its spread.
  2. The potential highly infectious nature of this particular virus means that people who have travelled to areas where it is, and potentially have it, should not go out to crowded areas, for example, shopping centres and general practice waiting rooms, and should present to the nearest Public hospital if they become acutely unwell as they have the resources for more secure patient isolation. We believe that patients should ring 13 HEALTH to gain advice regarding the symptoms you may be suffering, to see if hospital presentation is warranted.
  3. The medical officers and nursing staff who have treated people with coronavirus may need to be also isolated for two weeks if they are in contact with a confirmed case. We would only need 4 different confirmed cases here to lose more than half our medical staff for two weeks or more. This is logistically impossible as we still need to attend to other patients with acute illness who attend this practice.

I feel that this is important information for our patients and writing a letter for you to read in the waiting room feels old fashioned and inefficient! I ask those of you reading this post to follow us on Facebook so information like this can be passed to you more efficiently in the future.