Coronavirus Latest

Pandemic is Greek for everywhere and everybody, so if a pandemic comes to pass then everyone in Australia will be affected in some way by the disease.  It does not mean everyone will get it, but you may know somebody who does or have your work disrupted, or have to care for someone who has it.  It is highly infectious but almost everyone recovers.

The main problem with a disease like this is the possibility that a lot of the population is sick and recovering at the same time, affecting workplaces, the economy and putting a strain on essential services.

The extremes of age, young and elderly, and patients with chronic illness are more prone to complications.

I posted a short time ago, that we would not be seeing patients that we suspected of having coronavirus, however as this has now become a pandemic that may now not be possible.  We may have lost the battle for containment.

With that in mind as the principal doctor at Sunstate Family Practice, I would like patients of the practice to read and act on the following:

  • Patients with chronic disease, who are on multiple medications, need to ensure that your scripts are up to date. You do not, repeat do not need to stock up on medication but you do need to ensure that if your scripts are coming due that you come and see us sooner rather than later to do this, and have enough at home to last for a month.
  • If you have a chronic disease and you have let it go a bit, see a doctor soon to ensure that it is managed as tightly as possible, before you may potentially get sick. The best defense against coronavirus is to be as healthy as possible before you get it. Manage any chronic conditions well, eat well including protein, stay hydrated, do some cardiovascular exercise. Do this all before you get sick.
  • People who have chronic lung disease and asthma particularly need to pay attention to the above and have a current action plan, set of puffers, and scripts for more going forward.
  • If you are a smoker – QUIT NOW, big ask I know but worthwhile.
  • The same applies to routine referral, blood tests, etc. Come in and get any regular needs sorted soon. These steps are to avoid you having to come for routine but important things when many other people including doctors may be sick, and it may be harder to find an appointment.
  • People with chronic immunodeficiency diseases, cancer, are currently on chemotherapeutic medication, have chronic autoimmune diseases and or taking immunosuppressive medication. If you need to see us here for a medical reason do this as a matter of urgency. As it would be far better for you to be seen before the pandemic hits in full force.
  • There is no vaccination against coronavirus, however, when the seasonal flu vaccination becomes available we will be advising patients to make use of this even more than last year. The flu is not related to coronavirus and the flu vaccination does not affect the coronavirus however these sorts of new viruses such as coronavirus, SARS, etc are much more dangerous when coupled to other medical conditions. Having coronavirus and the flu concurrently would be a significant concern.
  • The latest published figures indicate a mortality rate of up to 3.8%. Compare this with the seasonal flu which has a mortality rate of less than 0.1%. It is our job as medical officers to try and reduce to try and reduce that number as much as possible, and identify the patients most at risk. As this pandemic evolves, you may find that there may be disruptions to your normal appointments or your normal doctor may be isolated seeing sick people. I would ask that you please bear with us as we deal with this developing situation.
  • In regards to whether SFP will become a testing center for the disease, we have not yet decided as we are waiting on protective equipment to be provided to the staff for this to occur. We will let patients know when we do.
  • This sort of post will be the first of many that we will need to do, so, please if you are reading this and you know other patients of the practice, please share and get them to follow us here on Facebook. This post is designed to be informative for patients to take sensible steps before the pandemic hits. When it does, we will need to pass the information on to patients quickly so please follow us on Facebook as it is the most efficient way.
  • Most importantly, do not panic! Australians are smart and resourceful enough to get through this sort of trial, especially if we work together.