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Coronavirus Latest

Pandemic is Greek for everywhere and everybody, so if a pandemic comes to pass then everyone in Australia will be affected in some way by the disease.  It does not mean everyone will get it, but you may know somebody who does or have your work disrupted, or have to care for someone who has … Read more

Corona Virus Update

Corona Virus Update

As at 06:00 hrs on 17 February 2020, Qld Health have confirmed 15 cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia, with 5 of these diagnosed in Queensland, 4 in New South Wales, 4 in Victoria and 2 in South Australia. Eight of the earlier cases are reported to have recovered. The other seven are in a … Read more

Coronavirus Outbreak

The outbreak of this disease, has demonstrated how quickly medical advice and recommendations, changes on a day to day basis, in times of global medical emergencies. We as General practices are on the front line of health delivery. We are among the first people to receive updates from our government bodies regarding situations such as … Read more