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Beat Anxiety and Improve Your Sleep

An estimated one in five Australians is estimated to be affected by a major sleep disorder. In the US, 40 million people are believed to suffer from acute sleep issues – and these are just the cases reported.

Top 10 reasons of pelvic pain in women

Woman suffering from Pelvic pain due to top 10 reasons of pelvic pain

Pelvic pain can indicate a disease or a condition, including issues with the bowel, indigestion, and even sexually transmitted infections. We advise making a list of symptoms you’re experiencing and noting all key information about your pain as it can be due to various reasons. Here are the top 10 reasons for pelvic pain in women.

How to not get food poisoning during Christmas

A patient wearing a red sweater suffering from food poisoning due to unhygienic food practices during Christmas requiring a GP visit

Christmas is a time of endless buffets, and while we don’t mind filling up to the brim, we really don’t want to get sick either.
Foodborne disease, or more commonly food poisoning, is a gastroenteritis condition caused due to food contaminated by bacteria, viruses, or toxins. Here’s what you can do to avoid food poisoning during Christmas. 

How food impacts heart health

A heart shaped bowl of nutritious and healthy fruits and vegetables, and in the background is a doctors stethoscope, diabetes health monitor

Just as how blood pressure, diabetes and weight influence heart health, diet is as important – because it influences heart health and everything else. Read our article about why the gateway to improved heart health starts by eating healthy and switching to healthier choices.

The Dos and Don’ts for Healthy Kidneys

The Dos and Don’ts for Healthy Kidneys

Kidneys are some of the hardest-working organs in the body. As a multitasker, they do a fantastic job in keeping us alive. But, when we stop caring about this vital organ, we’re risking a slew of health issues, including kidney stones. This is why it is imperative to say that if we take care of our kidneys, we also care for our overall health. Here are 10 do’s and don’ts for keeping healthy kidneys

Thyroid health – the often overlooked gland

Thyroid health - the often overlooked gland , Sunstate Family Practice

Chances are you will probably never think about your thyroid health until you suffer from a disorder that can wreak havoc to almost everything – from your skin to your mood and even your sleep. Thyroid health rarely gets the limelight yet a thyroid disorder can also lead to fatal consequences. Read our article on why thyroid health shouldn’t be overlooked.

Asthma and bronchiectasis are overlapping lung diseases

A woman suffering from an episode of shortness of breathe which can be either asthma or bronchiectasis

Asthma and bronchiectasis are overlapping respiratory diseases, and they frequently coexist.  While asthma mainly narrows the airways making it difficult to breathe from time to time, bronchiectasis occurs when the walls of the airways thicken due to a lung infection. Seeking a proper diagnosis is essential because it is only through a diagnosis that can differentiate asthma and bronchiectasis